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Finding a new place to live can be hard. Don't worry! We're launching an exclusive real estate website to make property searching easier than before!

Property Hub, our all-in-one real estate portal, will be one among UAE's largest and most comprehensive databases for real time real estate listings of commercial and residential properties for sale and rent. Whether you're a property hunter and real estate agent, we can provide you with a comprehensive platform to buy, sell, and rent-out real estate properties in UAE. This premium real estate portal will include detailed and meticulously arranged listings of UAE properties including houses, apartments, and flats, along with some of the most lucrative real estate deals, thus assuring a great online property/apartment/house searching experience. Our website is thoughtfully designed by experts in the industry, with the help of state of the art technologies, to easily reach out to millions of customers in and around UAE, and to provide them with a handy online guide to help make important real estate investment decisions wisely and judiciously. Our real estate listings will include property details such as photos and location details, along with detailed descriptions about the properties.

Property Hub is ideally designed to cover the entire property spectrum in UAE, so you can rest assure that you will be provided with the best of what's available in the real estate sector. At Property Hub, you will be able to find all types of property listings, including houses, apartments, flats, condos, acreage, vacation homes, as well as new homes. Once launched, you can use Property Hub to easily access over 20,000 current listings for residential & commercial properties, apartments & flats in UAE, along the deep insight in to the recent market prices of the listed properties.

Whether you need a quick and easy way to find a new home/property, or just want to casually browse homes for sale, Property Hub the right place for accomplish both your needs. So make sure to keep coming back and we'll keep you updated with more details!

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  • One of the largest property portals in UAE
  • An integrated platform for property hunters and real estate agents
  • English and Arabic ads to buy/sell/let properties, apartments, and flats
  • Individual logins advertisers, agents/brokers, and property seekers
  • Up-to-date listings of UAE properties
  • Most comprehensive mobile searching options
  • Cost effective way promote your property and reach out to a wide range of audience
  • Easily generate quality leads
  • Email alerts on ideal properties available in UAE: Get property details delivered straight to your inbox
  • Newsletters about important UAE real estate news updates
  • Through state of the art property listings we can ensure that advertisers can quickly deliver their messages to the right people.
  • You will be provided with 24/7 access to the latest information on properties (apartments, flats, etc.) for sale and rent.
  • Whether you are a first-time buyer, upsizing, downsizing or relocating, you will provided access to the most comprehensive selection of UAE real estate property listings
  • We constantly keep updating our listings to keep pace with the demand.

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